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A New Year Coming!

For the past 732 days, I have posted a digital drawing done using my iPhone, first using the Brushes app* and more recently the Brushes XP app** on the Blipfoto Website.

The discipline of drawing daily is an intrinsic reward, freeing me in several senses - to explore the days, to reflect and respond, to experiment and to "Practice." This daily discipline has provided a structure that is both motivation, challenge and satisfaction. A visual journal, it makes sense as narrative perhaps only to me, however I hope its eclectic nature offers enough surprise as well as spontaneity to be attractive to other viewers and visitors

* I owe David Hockney a debt for introducing this tool to me and to many others I am sure, and while I have no illusions about my aesthetic competence in comparison to his, I do very much admire and am inspired by his artistic production.

** (The Brushes XP app allows a better resolution and more easily exports as an animated GIF/video, which I sometimes post on my Vimeo website for I think the evolution of the drawing is often as interesting as the final product.)

A New Year Coming, digital drawing for December 30, 2016, upon completion of two years of daily digital drawings

JP Begley

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