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Welcome to jpbegley-art/art services
artist.  curator.  consultant.

the intersection between drawing, painting,     printmaking and digital technology!

     After forty years being a printmaker and painter, as well as a gallery director and teacher, inspired by David Hockney, I began drawing on my iPhone in the summer of 2014. Since December 2014, I have completed and posted at least one digital drawing each day.

     Most begin with an appropriated image encountered in my daily existence.  I find the ubiquity and constant presence of the phone both inspiring and challenging. It provides a most serious playground for dada abstraction and absurdist commentary.

     The ability of the digital format to appropriate, re-contextualize and manipulate images allows me to engage with both historic and contemporary issues of post-modern, interdisciplinary art.

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All daily digital drawings completed since Dec 31, 2014 are posted here.

Past Projects

Animated Digital Drawing