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Heading 6
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          Over the MOON: The Eclectic Art of Ann Farnsley

                                      Community Art Center of Switzerland County, Vevay, IN - September10/October 9, 2022

                                                  *   catalog available from the community Art Center, 214 Fery St., Vevay, IN 47403

                                      The Carnegie Center For Art & History, New Albany, IN - November 3 - January 7 2023

                                                   * "Speaking with Ann" lecture by "Over the Moon" curator John Begley 12 13 22

                                                        video by Juan Thompson


                                                    * WXOX ARTxFM, LVA's Artists Talk  - John Begley talks "Over the Moon: The Eclectic Art

                                                                                                                     of Ann Farnsley",  at The Carnegie Center


Recent Curatorial
        - see blog post

Exhibition                 KMAC Couture 2023


A collaboration with Linda Hawpe and Carrie Coaplen, model, for the Kentucky Musuem of Art and Craft's annual fashion extravaganza, Costume of the theme of a book, in this case

Little Red Riding Hood


Digital drawing on dye sublimation printed fabric.

All daily digital drawings completed since Dec 31, 2014 are posted here.

This is Aerial View 4, daily digital drawing from February 12, 2024

An ongoing project celebrating life along the Ohio.

Daily Digital Drawing Aerial View 4 - Feb. 13, 2024

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